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'One person can make a difference'

Cait Corrigan changed her colleges policy for requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination to attend the graduation of her Master's degree at Earlham School of Religion. 

On April 1st 2021, Earlham College put out a notice requiring proof of vaccination. She kindly reminded the administration of her long standing religious exemption to vaccination - which was accepted for both her undergraduate degree from Earlham College and then her graduate program at Earlham School of Religion. Cait Corrigan received an email which said "we aren’t accepting that [religious exemptions] for this round." Cait Corrigan replied in email: 

“Pursuant to Indiana Code 21-40-5-6 I’m entitled to a religious exemption for vaccination. I’m requesting to know the law that allows Earlham College to override Indiana State Law. If there is such a law it is in violation of the right to religious freedom within the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. I await your reply.” 

Cait Corrigan never received a reply, so she contacted the Senator in her district in Indiana who recommended she contact the Indiana Attorney General's office and from there. She filed complaints with the Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education and the Indiana Commissioner for Civil Rights - both groups did their own investigations. 

A month later, Earlham College changed their policy from requiring the vaccine to simply recommending it. Further they no longer required the negative covid test, just simply recommended it. 

After Earlham changed their policy affirming constitutional rights, Cait was harassed, threatened, and her character and reputation were defamed by students, alumni, professors, and the President of the institution, Anne Houtman. 

Students threatened Cait Corrigan saying there would be consequences she'd have to pay for not getting the vaccine. They demanded that she explain herself and her beliefs in a public forum. 

Cait's professor, Dr. Alonzo Valentine told her not to come to graduation and that he would pay her money to not attend the graduation for her Masters degree. He then threatened Cait multiple times. In the threats he said that he would retract a letter of recommendation he wrote for her application to attend Boston University where she has accepted a full-tuition scholarship starting this Fall. 

Cait Corrigan emailed the President, Anne Houtman requesting Anne to denounce and remove the defamatory statements made about her on Earlham College platforms. Cait also requested Anne to provide security at graduation, as Cait was receiving threats. Anne replied in an email with one word “LOL”. Yes, in fact that is all she said “LOL” and signed her name Anne Houtman. 

A week later, Cait's name was removed from the program to speak at Commencement - Graduation ceremony. She was silenced by the administration. 

The last requirement for Cait's graduate program is to complete a summer class and internship. She was removed from the online zoom summer class because she declined the C-19V. Cait was then required to design her own independent study to complete the requirements for her degree, by the same professor who told her not to come to graduation. Cait Corrigan was shunned and isolated from the college, her professors, and her peers. 

Cait Corrigan has successfully completed the requirements for her Master's Degree in Peace & Social Transformation.

Cait Corrigan started Students Against Mandates to ensure that no college student, no young person experiences the same tyranny, discrimination, and segregation she faced. 

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