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If your school is not accepting RE's and forcing the vaccine? Send them this - make them liable:

(1) Communication:

When communicating with your employer or institution - communicate only in writing. Some states have a one-party law where you can record conversations without having to let the other party know. If you do have to communicate with the school via phone, zoom or in-person make sure it is all recorded. 

You need to make sure everything is documented. 

I'm sure students/employees you are using your school or work officiated email -- so to ensure you have proof of all your emails, forward all correspondences to your private email accounts. When communicating with freedom fighters, including myself do NOT email from your school or work emails - email through Google, Yahoo, Aol or what is best is Protonmail (an encrypted email server).

(2) Learn about what is happening with these schools:

COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge:

Why Colleges and Universities are Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines:

Success in Indiana!

Letter sent to Indiana University by Representatives:

Ethics Complaint sent by Parents:

(3) Connect with other students from your university that are like-minded. 

More information will be posted soon.

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